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21 February 2017

Change is in the Air

Currently working on a number of self-publishing projects, and looking for some freelance work for other publishers.

Chasing a Golden Buck for Fudge is currently in the production queue and will be ready soon. After that I will convert to Savage Worlds and submit it as a sample work to attempt to get the license (keeping fingers crossed.)

Over the last month, I've also been working on a small, light RPG. The play-tests went well with the first mini-setting. I'm adding in 4 total mini-settings, with one hopefully written by a guest author (more details if the deal is finalized.)

For many moons I've thought about doing an actual Fudge Derivative system (as opposed to just a small plug-in), and that is proceeding along nicely as well. It will be 5-Point Fudge, but with some added crunch, so it will be as completely compatible as anything that isn't strictly 5-Point Fudge can be. Chasing a Golden Buck for Fudge will be 5 Point Fudge, but it will also include stats for the new flavor/version/derivative.

The initial public playtest of Beautifulharmony Multimedia's first board game went well at the DundraCon 2017 protospeil. Being our first board game, and that most appear to take 1-2 years to go from initial prototype to product, it was encouraging.

4 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 1024x768 Screen Background

Updated the "About" Page.